Setting up your keyboard

In Jeeves 3.1, we now allow you to have a static board. A static board is a channel on discord that no one can post in and has just 1 info post. This post is managed by the Jeeves system to show current info. The first one is just for keystones. This is a patreon only feature.


Step One

The first step you need to do is invite Jeeves's little helper Keystone bot.

Click here to invite KeystoneBot

Step Two

You need to make a channel that @everyone does not have permission to post to and you need to edit the channels topic and add some channel data to it Channel Data

IE: --JeevesData Faction: Horde, Region: US

Step Three

You need to run !install-keyboard in the channel that you have just set up. This will tell the bot to post in this channel.

Further Information

  • Your members still have to do the keystone commands in a valid bot channel to add the keys. Blizzard does not provide an API for use to get this data.