Channel Data (Channel Meta Data)

This feature is intended for use on servers which operate for a global audience with certain channels for Horde/Alliance EU/NA. Normally Jeeves has users setup their Realm/Faction/Region, however with channel data you can override that on a per-channel level.

At this time only certain settings are supported.

Setting Jeeves Channel Data

  1. Go to the channel you want to edit You must have manage channels/admin to do this
  2. Click on Edit Channel
  3. In the Overview tab edit the box called Chanel Topic to contain a line like this
--JeevesData Faction: Horde, Region: US

The line should start with --JeevesData and contain settings formatted like Setting: Value separated by commas ,

Supported Settings & Commands

  • Faction Keystone
  • Realm Lookup
  • Region Lookup | Keystone