Getting Started

Jeeves is built to scale whether you are a small friends & family server, a large guild, or a mega Warcraft Community. Jeeves has countless configuration options to tune operation exactly as you need it. For most users our basic setup will be enough, advanced users are encouraged to fully explore our docs/webUI.

Adding Jeeves to your server

  1. Make sure you are logged in @
  2. Follow this Link
  3. Select your server from the drop down menu Note: You must have the Manage Server permission to invite Jeeves.

First time setup

Jeeves has a built in guided setup utility, following the prompts with this utility is enough to configure Jeeves to a reasonable level for most servers. It is also recommended that post setup, users head to our website control panel to quickly page through for any settings they want to change.

Launching Guided Setup

Run: !setup

Post Guided Setup configuration

For further configuration and settings you can head over to our website to view further options. For various developmental and user experience reasons, certain options and configurations are only available for edit through either Discord, or our website, not always both.

Quick Tips

  1. Don't run two or more bots with the same prefix. In the context of !help ! is the prefix. These should be unique to each bot. Jeeves will allow you to change its prefix to anything you want
  2. It is good practice to create a Bots or similar Role in your server that is given to all Bots. Using this you can restrict or grant permissions to all bots. Its further recommended that you create a role exclusive to Jeeves, so his permissions can be further tuned.
  3. If you are using Jeeves in a managerial role such as the controlling of role assignments. Make sure Jeeves is physically ranked above any roles you want him to manage in the role list.
  4. By Default Jeeves uses your Discord Server Region to determine Wow region. You can customize this in your settings, as well as override it at a channel level or per command. See the relevant command docs for more info on that.