Gambling Command

The gambling command allows you to play a rendition of the Popular CrossGambling addon directly in discord!


Aliases: gambling
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes

Important Note: If your server is fairly restricted/locked down via permissions and you have elected to not make Jeeves an admin/give management permissions. Make a channel called Gambling prior to running this command and assign Jeeves full permissions to it including Read Messages | Send Messages | Embed Links | Delete Messages | Manage Permissions.

  • Like most Jeeves games, gambling can be very spammy in chat. In an effort to reduce chat clutter in your server, Jeeves will only operate gambling sessions within a channel called Gambling if none is present he will attempt to make one.
  • Once you run !gambling a new gambling session will be created. Follow the on-screen prompts to play!


  • !gambling

    Creates a #gambling channel for you to gamble in.


Q) How do I get more gold?

Jeeves starts all users at 100k and awards a 10k top-up weekly up to 100k. The only way to go above the 100k ceiling is to win in gambling.

Q) How do I check how much currency I have?

!gold - EZ