Jeeves Change Log


New Stuff

!thunderfury - I'm sorry, please don't hate me

• Jeeves can now educate people with Chuck Norris FACTS

• Guild Role Syncing is now available Check the online docs

!lastlog now works Check the online docs

• You can now change how long Jeeves will wait for answers during trivia

• Streamer Rank - Give and Take a role when users start/stop streaming

(Patreon Feature) Keystone Boards - Static Read Only constantly updating Keystone lists

• Temporary On-Join Roles - Jeeves can now revoke the on-join role once the user gets a rolereaction / !auth based role

Major Improvements

• Jeeves audio has been given its own CPU cores and will no longer be impacted by greedy commands

• Audio and Radio have been re-written again.. and again (twice sense 3.0) No break please

!summon now allow you to use the Role Name OR the mentionable

• More YouTube link formats are now supported including short, mobile, and imbedded playlists

!auth will run !roles update for you once its done

• If you have previously !auth'ed and join a new server running Role Management Jeeves will now give you roles right away without any commands required

Notable Bug Fixes

• Fixed over 15 assorted bugs

• Fixed some issues with !Setup RoleManager

• Cleaned up at least 7 instances of incorrect documentation

• Fixed some character commands for users who have multiple characters with the same name.