Character Command

The Character command allows you to Manager your Synced Character Sheet


Aliases: character | toon
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes

  • View your characters
  • View another users characters
  • Mark certain characters as your Main or Hidden
  • Request an update for your characters

Hidden Characters: Hidden characters will still be "Ranked/Scored/Counted" but will be hidden from other users

Ignored Characters: Ignored characters are treated as if they do not exist. You will not get roles for them, nor will they appear in !toon view. You can have as many of these as you want, but you must still have 1 character not ignored.

Main Character: Only 1 character can be your main. When running a command involving a character like the keystone command Jeeves will assume your main character if none are mentioned


  • !toon view

    Shows you a list of your 12 best characters

  • !toon update

    Queues your characters for update

  • !toon set-main Deadlystrike

    Tells Jeeves to consider Deadlystrike your main

  • !toon hide Secretsauce

    Tells Jeeves to flag Secretsauce as hidden

  • !toon sync-account

    Re-syncs your character sheet (Only available within 24hrs of an !auth, re-run !auth instead of this if its past 24hrs)


Q) Why can I only see 12 characters in !toon view?

Its a limitation with how many characters (2000) you can have in a discord message, 12 is the amount we could display comfortably. Rest assured your other characters are still there!