Jeeves-news Command

Want all the news Jeeves has to offer? Then this is for you!


Aliases: jeeves-news
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes

  • This command is a toggle based command that installs a WebHook in the channel where the command is run. The WebHook will make posts regarding Jeeves news and updates.
  • To install the Jeeves News Webhook run the command once in the desired channel. To uninstall, run it a second time.


  • !jeeves-news

    To toggle the feed on / off

Developer Thoughts

While we post announcements in the support server whenever major changes are published. Less than 20% of servers who use Jeeves have a representative in the support server. We offer this utility as a way to stay current with the updates and changes allowing you to get the most out of Jeeves.