Welcome To Jeeves

Jeeves is a Discord bot designed to be the ultimate companion for World of Warcraft players. All the features have been made to either make Server/Raid Leaders lives a bit easier or to increase community engagement and fun in your Discord server.

Jeeves is built with input from top mythic raiders, collectors, and community organizers to provide an epic experience for your Discord community.
Jeeves is able to scale from a small friends & family guild to a mega server. With countless configurations Jeeves is perfect for almost everyone.


Jeeves was born in early 2017 under the name The Lazy Peon. It was a really bad bot. It broke constantly and was only present in one server, but it generated some amazing laughs. Not long after that The Lazy Peon was rebuilt and renamed Jeeves. Jeeves remained a staple in our guild's Discord for about a month we decided to post it to Reddit to see if there would be any interest in the bot. After two hours and three upvotes, we shrugged and moved on.

Little did we know what was in store for us when we woke up...
30+ comments and around 76 up votes. Quickly putting out fires and adding EU support in just under an hour - suddenly Jeeves was present in over 100 servers. Since then its been a race to add more and more features, fix bugs and bring Jeeves from a hobbyist level bot to a professionally written scalable application for use on thousands of servers.

The 3.0 Update

Jeeves 3.0 is the big anniversary update of Jeeves. Released almost 1 year to the date after it went public - it is a full recode of everything. Over 67,000 lines of code were rebuilt from the ground up. It has been in the works for over 4 months and represents a large step in what we believe Jeeves can become.

The Future and Beyond

Jeeves is constantly being updated with new features. We have formed partnerships with various Fan Sites & Services like RaiderIO, TSM, WoWHead to bring new and exciting features into your guilds discord. We firmly believe that Discord is here to stay and is the community platform for Warcraft. Our goal is to keep making it better by bringing Warcraft ever closer to discord itself.

Support Jeeves

Jeeves will always be free - forever! Jeeves is a labor of love and it isn't for profit, but that doesn't mean that Jeeves doesn't cost money to run. If you like Jeeves and would like to throw a couple bucks our way visit our Patreon.