Setting up your Guild

In Jeeves 3.1, we now allow you to setup a guild, and integrate with the Role Manager to provide roles based on ranks within your guild, as well as setting discord nicknames.

Initial Setup

To setup your initial guild, type the following:

For the guided process, you can simply use:

!setup guild

Or for quick setup, you can specify the guild name right into the !setup command:

!setup guild <Guild Name> Realm Region

At this point, your guild name is set. !lastlog should now pull your latest log from


To enable guild rank syncing, you need to first enable the guild sync in the role manager. Type the following:

!setup rolemanager

This should now show Guild in the list of active integrations. Now you can set your guild role links via the following:

!setup guild-roles

From there, it's completely interactive. Just type the rank, and the name of the rank to link the 2. For example:

  • 0 Guild Master Link Rank #0 (The Guild Master), to the @Guild Master role on discord.
  • 1 Officer Link Rank #1, to the @Officer role on discord.

To enable the role manager to auto assign a nickname on !auth or !role update, use enable-nicknames during the guild-roles setup process.

Further Information

  • The guild rank sync happens automatically every 3 hours (This is not something we can change, as it has been decided by blizzard.)
  • The guild rank will only look at your highest character in the guild, that is linked to a role on discord. For instance, if you are the guild master, and have no rank linked as a guild master, an alt of yours may be chosen as the "main", and assign you the officers rank as well as attempt to change your nickname to your officer name.
  • The nickname setting will happen only on !role update, !auth or when a new user (Already !auth'd to Jeeves) enters your server. This will not happen on the guild sync that happens every 3 hours.
  • To do a manual sync, use !guildsync.