Radio Command

LIVE radio player.

To see a list of supported stations, visit


Aliases: radio
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes


  • !radio Classic Rock 109

    Tune into Classic Rock Radio 109

  • !radio 80s hits

    Seeks and Tunes into the best matching station for 80s hits

Developer Thoughts

It is impossible to get access to every station and while many stations would work with a bit of individual tinkering, it would require A LOT of upkeep and work. Thanks to our partnership with SHOUTcast we are able to provide a large range of stations for everyone to use.


Q) When I request a station, Jeeves joins and plays something about "Listen on Radiotomy". What's wrong?

This happens when the station is blocked in the US which is where Jeeves servers are hosted.