Play Command

The play command is a Discord audio player capable of playing audio from a variety of sources.
The primary source is YouTube, however support is available for other popular streaming services like SoundCloud.

Important Note: Any service that would otherwise require you to login to listen to their music (Spotify/Pandora) can not be used by Jeeves.

Finding Audio

  • Search YouTube !play Hollywood Firework - Search YouTube for a track matching Hollywood Firework
  • YouTube links !play - Plays the track linked
  • YouTube playlist !play - Import the whole playlist into your queue


Aliases: play
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes


  • !play Timber - Pitbull

    Searches for Timber - Pitbull and puts it in the queue.

  • !play Timber - Putbull --time 1:34

    Searches for Timber - Pitbull and puts it in the queue, but starts at 1:34

  • !play Timber - Putbull --volume 50

    Searches for Timber - Pitbull and plays it on 50% volume

  • !play Timber - Pitbull --volume 50 --time 1:34 --playnow

    This will play the Timber - Pitbull song at 50% volume, at 1:34 and will put it in the front of the playlist


Q) Is it possible to get Spotify to work with Jeeves?

No, at the moment the following sources are supported: * YouTube playlists * YouTube videos * YouTube livestreams * SoundCloud * Random (Try it! If it works, great! If not ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)