The guild command allows you to link a Warcraft guild to your server to allow epic features!


Aliases: setup-guild | setupguild
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes

  • Find your guilds last log!
  • sync in-game ranks with discord!
  • Track raid attendance!
    ...and more!

You must be the guild owner or exactly 1 rank under the owner role. If your guild has a GM-ALT or an empty role officers might not be able to run this command. For security reasons only people in those role can setup a guild. Once a guild is setup anyone with discord Admin powers can run further guild control commands.


  • !setup guild <Limit> Illidan US - Tells Jeeves that this is your guild!
  • !setup guild <Method> Tauren Mill EU - Tells Jeeves that this is your guild!