Guild Roles

Links your Warcraft guild to your guilds discord server.


Aliases: setup-guild-roles | setup guild-roles | setupguildroles
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes

This command will bring up the guild roles manager. Make sure you have your guilds guild page open for reference on rank number. Ranks start at 0 for the guild master, and go up to rank 9 for a total of 10 ranks.

You must firs create all the roles you plan to use in the guild ranks integration, and have set up your guild.


  • first I type !setup guild-roles to bring up the guildroles manager.
  • next I would type 0 Guildmaster where Guildmaster is the discord role given to the in game Guildmaster, do not @ the role.
  • I would then do the same for the rest of my ranks, then type stop to close the guildroles manager.