Bot Channel

Set the global bot channel for your server.


Aliases: bot-channel | setup-bot-channel | setup bothchannel | botchannel | setupbotchannel
Available in DM: No
Can Restrict to a channel: Yes

  • Sometimes you want to keep your server clean and create a channel just for bot usage.
  • A bot-channel lets you restrict command usage to a specific channel.
  • Admin users will still be able to run commands from anywhere!
  • You are now able to specify more than one bot channel!

For a more in depth channel set up, head on over to the Jeeves website, click login in the upper right, and get to restricting!


  • !setup bot-channel #use-bot-here

    Tells Jeeves to restrict commands to the #use-bot-here channel

  • !setup bot-channel #use-bot-here #gambeling

    Tells jeeves to restrict bot commands to the #use-bot-here and #gambeling channels

  • !setup bot-channel clear

    Clears the bot channel restrictions on jeeves.